About Our Doc Fees

The Documentary Preparation Fee, also known as the "doc prep fee," is allowed by Massachusetts law to be collected from vehicle purchasers by Massachusetts dealers. The fee is charged due to expenses/liabilities incurred by the dealership in processing various paperwork associated with a sale or lease that are separate from those paid to acquire the vehicle. The doc prep fee recognizes some of the expenses/liabilities related to a dealer's compliance with federal and state laws and regulations that provide for the safety, consumer protection, anti-theft measures, vehicle history checks, notifications, certifications, and official filings.

Regulations and Responsibilities? Massachusetts's dealers take them seriously!

Dealers must prepare and process many documents on each sale or lease transaction. Collection of the doc prep fee will monetarily assist towards doing the following: preparing a P&S, an appraisal document, odometer statements, insurance verification, etc., storing or archiving documents, and personnel and computer expenses/liabilities associated with these tasks. However, the expenses related to financing for the deal (i.e. obtaining and processing credit applications, processing the retail installment sale contract, etc.) by law cannot be included in the doc prep fee. Not all transactions involve the same services, but all transactions must meet many legal requirements as detailed in the documents provided to the customer. Actual expenses/liabilities incurred and recovered through the documentary preparation fee, as well as the size of the fee, may vary by dealer, location, and transaction. Customers must be aware that no portion of the dealer's doc prep fee is required by or remitted to any state or federal agency. Further, the doc prep fee has nothing to do with the Title Preparation Fee, which is stated as separate line items on the sales contract. (It is capped by law at $5.)

As of October 12, 2020

+$794 Doc Fee
+$5 Title fee
= $799