West Springfield Veteran’s Council 15th Annual Veteran’s Breakfast

November 10th, 2015 by

November 7th marked the 15th Annual Veteran’s Breakfast. The event drew quite the crowd Saturday morning. The opening ceremony consisted of a medley of service songs before the presentation of colors. The National Anthem was then performed by Patti Hayward, who did a wonderful job, before the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by the entire gymnasium. It was quite the sight. Following that was the POW ceremony and the serving of the food. The keynote speaker Major General Leon Scott Rice, MA. AG, of the Air Force then rose before the audience before he belted out a 10 minute long speech. The veteran’s awards were then presented, along with the West Springfield Veteran of the Year award. Which went to Lawrence Delgrego! The day wasn’t over yet with a slough of prizes to be given out to raffle winners.

We had a blast at the 15th Annual Veteran’s Breakfast and hope to be a part of the 16th Annual Veteran’s Breakfast! Thank you again to the West Springfield Veteran’s Council and all of our Veterans!


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